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This is a site 4 gaming mental people. Such as me and my m8's Joe & Cal. So we hope u enjoy some of the games and tell your m8's (if u have any) LOL.
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   Sunday, March 10, 2002
The links at the top left are just STUPID!!!! They all lead straight to so dont bother clicking on them!!!!
(Joe) (annoying pieces of JUNK!!!!!) :-(

Hello, we are very sorry!! We can't seem to get the Jokes on the links at the top left of the screen!! So the best way to get to them is by going on our OTHER Blog :!! We will update more Jokes soon so Seeya for now!!! (Joe) :) (:

   Saturday, March 09, 2002

Hi people this is the 1st post 4 me (Mart) Joe & Cal, so theres not much 2 say but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enjoy the sight as it will be full of games soon and jokes and FUN (yes fun 4 u.)